Trenchless Technology HDD drilling machines and piercing tools

HDD-класса: 6 - 8 тонн

The ideal machine for fiber optic cables - the HDD drill DJ 13

    The TERRA-JET DJ 13 is one of the most powerful HDD machine in the 6-8 tonnes class. It is more powerful, more productive and faster than its previous model.
    With the HDD drill rig TERRA-JET DJ 13 you can drill up to 100 m (330 ft) and backream up to ø 300 mm.

    The HATZ Diesel engine has a power of 55.4 kW (75 HP). Such engines usually are used in HDD machines of the 8-10 tonnes class.

    Due to its high power the engine rotates with 2'300 rpm. This reduces the noise and the Diesel consumption. This HATZ Diesel engine fulfils the newest Stage 5 norms. No AdBlue required.

The ideal machine for fiber optic cables - the HDD drill DJ 13
The ideal machine for fiber optic cables - the HDD drill DJ 13

Oscillating Drill Ramp

    TERRA has developed a new oscillating drill ramp. It has two rotation points with two cylinders. With this unique system, the drill ramp can move from 18% up to 40% (10° - 22°). The rubber crawler stays at the ground up to 36% for a good stability.

Oscillating Drill Ramp
Oscillating Drill Ramp

Optimized drilling assistant systems

    Intelligent drilling assistant systems like the thrust mode, carve mode, the ADBSe or the drill speed control make the drilling more efficient and more easy. The operator can relax, the machine does the work. The electronical CLP control manages all drilling assistant systems and feels the underground. Like this the machine operates at highest productivity.

Optimized drilling assistant systems
Optimized drilling assistant systems

Drive Remote Control

    The DJ 13 has a drive remote control. You can use it besides or behind the HDD machine. The DJ 13 can be driven by walking besides or behind the HDD machine.

Drive Remote Control
Drive Remote Control


Технические данные

Технические данные

*  Данные зависят от сложности грунта
** на каждую буровую штангу
Технические данные могут изменяться без предварительного уведомления.
Сила тяги
58.3 kH (5.8 тонны)
Сила бурения
58.3 kH (5.8 тонны)
Hatz 55 kW (75 л.c)
Момент вращения, 1. уровень
1500 Нм @ 168 об/мин
Момент вращения, 2. уровень
1000 Нм @ 250 об/мин
Подача раствора
95 л/мин, 70 бар
Уровень шума у оператора - без кабины
85 дБ(A)
Ø пилотного отверстия
60 - 100 мм
Max диаметр расширения*
ø 300 мм
Max длина бурения*
100 м
Буровые штанги, диаметр
Буровые штанги, длина
2.0 m
Min радиус изгиба**
20 м
Габариты L x B x H, без кабиной водителя
4.05 x 1.25 x 1.90 м
Вес, включая 45 буровых штаг ø 45 мм
4.0 тонн


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